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Information on cuisine

Northern Kyoto "Kyoto of the Sea"Miyazu.Seafood in the Sea of ​​Japan, hospitality with abundant food.

Caught every season, please enjoy the seafood of the coastal waters ones.
I am proud of the dishes I have used abundantly.
Seafood, it has purchased in the vicinity of the fishing port every morning.

Information on cuisine

  • Great Winter Food, Matsuba Crab

    Matsuba Crab is the snow crab which is landed in Sanin Region.

    Rich fishing ground, Japan Sea
    We will purchase fresh crabs that are landing there, and will offer it to everyone in the best condition.

    Crab stab, baked crab, boiled crab, crab pot and various ways to eat.Please enjoy it.
  • Kaiseki Meal

    Miyazu seafood, mountain cooked dishes are abundantly used.
    Please enjoy it.
  • Japanese breakfast

  • Other dishes example